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Global Grassroots 2011

Going Global with the eAcademy

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Global Grassroots has begun developing our innovative web-based eAcademy for Conscious Change. To date, we have received requests for our program from 170 women’s groups in 45 countries. Last year, we committed to creating an online platform to serve this broader need and to disseminate our social entrepreneurship curriculum globally. We have engaged web developers at Monsoon Company to design the architecture of our platform, and our staff is currently in the process of adapting our intensive conscious change curriculum for this web-based application.

We have targeted a pilot group of women's organizations – from South Asia, Africa, North America, and South America – to participate in the beta version of the elearning program. In most cases, these women would have no other access to the training needed to design their own social change ventures. Not only will these women be equipped with the tools to drive social change in their communities, but they will also become part of our global network of grassroots change agents, with access to ideas and best practices shared by other women around the globe.

Global Grassroots has recieved 170 requests from women's groups in over 45 different countries