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Global Grassroots 2011

Their one-year follow-up study reveals:

100% of the women in their target community (a minimum 150 households) now fetch clean water from the project instead of the contaminated stream.

• There has been no more violence reported due to water scarcity.

• The local health centers are no longer receiving people with water-borne diseases.

100% of children attend school regularly and on time because there is easy access to water.

As is true of most Global Grassroots ventures, after establishing their initial organization, graduates use the tools they have learned in our training to solve other problems in their communities and/or go on to teach others.

Have a Good Life’s treasurer Denis Bizimana keeps detailed financial records for the project. Over the past year, he has shared the bookkeeping skills he learned from Global Grassroots with other associations in his sector. “I’ve trained six associations in this area,” Denis says. Recently, Denis was elected secretary of the forum, or network, of all associations and cooperatives in the larger community. Now, he explains, “we organize workshops where we can train people and share those skills from Global Grassroots’ training.”

Before, when I walked long distances to fetch water, I would leave my baby at home and my children had to miss school in order to stay home and care for the baby. But now this doesn’t have to happen anymore and the child who in secondary school is always attending.”

- Beneficiary of Have a Good Life

photo by Laya Madsen