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Over the last few years, Think About the Young Girls has continued to innovate and evolve their solution to address the underlying root causes of the issue. For instance, they realized they needed to add a small shower and a stock of sanitary supplies to their plans.

Later, when they noticed girls being harassed in town while getting their hair

cut, Think about the Young Girls brought a barber to school for the female students. They also conducted educational workshops with local business owners, who were inspired to establish their own anti-violence club in response.

The team also worked creatively to overcome budget shortfalls. Despite careful budgeting, they ran out of money before the new latrines were completed due to increases in the cost of materials. To overcome these challenges, the team fundraised in their community and managed to raise enough money to complete the latrines. They also applied for and received a second-phase grant from Global Grassroots to complete the shower facility.

"That's also my pride - because I know that our dreams have been realized."

As Média said, “We had to stop and find more solutions, and applications, and everything. Finally we reached where we wanted to reach. That’s also my pride – because I know that our dreams have been realized."

Média’s dreams have indeed been realized. Today the latrines serve 635 girls at Byimana Primary School, who look happy and confident, and who no longer face harassment. The students of the primary school have become more educated thanks to Think About the Young Girls, and many student-run anti-violence clubs have sprung up on campus and in the town as a result of their work.

who do not attend school. The girls in school no longer face sexual harassment, and are able to stay in class, even during menstruation, giving them more opportunities to succeed. In addition, the team has had a significant impact on the entire community, which is now more informed about girls' biological needs and gender issues. In addition, several anti-violence clubs have been created in Byimana by the beneficiaries of the organization.

The Impact: Think

about the Young Girls has had an impact on over 1000 people. This includes students who attend the primary school,

their parents, a

neighboring school,

and about 100 youth