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Global Grassroots 2011


In 2010, we were able to fund the majority of our 2010 budget ($335,000) despite the economic downturn. The majority of our funding came from grants, including our largest donor to date, the NoVo Foundation. Individual donations continued to represent a core funding source while we also expanded our corporate donations and revenue categories. Our primary source of revenue continues to come from our 50 percent ownership stake in the film company that produced the Emmy-nominated documentary about the Darfur crisis, The Devil Came on Horseback. Annually we share in the revenue from ongoing licensing and sales of the film for community screenings, television and DVD. Finally, we generate other revenue from fundraising events such as the LUNAFest Short Film Festival, co-sponsored by Clif Bar Company, and the sale of books and other products.

In 2010, our primary category of programmatic expenses was our Academy for Conscious Change. We initiated a new cohort of 7 new teams represented by 34 women and 3 men, conducting our phase 1 intensive training in June and spent the remaining six months of the year providing the teams with high-engagement support for the phase 2 program development process. We further funded and initiated eight new ventures from the Academy cohort that began its training in 2008, and provided mezzanine financial and high-engagement consulting support for five additional operating ventures to enable their expansion or strengthen their capacity. Finally, we conducted a journey to Haiti to provide trauma healing support for women and children earthquake survivors and provided a grant to establish a local water purification system to serve a tent camp.