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Conscious Social Change

Certification Program


Global Grassroots 2011

This year, Global Grassroots launched its new Conscious Social Change (CSC) certification program, with seven women representing three countries (Rwanda, Haiti, and the US). Once certified, each member of our corps of trainees will be eligible to deploy globally, offering our core program, upon request, to partner organizations interested in incorporating Conscious Social Change into their programming.

The CSC Certification Program provides a year-long intensive and experience-based training in personal transformation leadership and the methods, philosophy, skills, and frameworks of Conscious Social Change. Participants learn to:

If your organization may be interested in participating in the next Conscious Social Change Certification Program, or would like to engage our CSC Practitioners to support or train your colleagues, staff, or beneficiaries, please contact us at

- Work with traumatized populations

- Use mind-body techniques to reset the nervous

system and address post-traumatic stress

- Use participatory development methods to catalyze

locally-led solutions for social change

- Support conscious leadership in others

- Develop a sustainable non-profit from scratch

- Cultivate their own sense of presence and self-

understanding as compassionate leaders