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And so, in the next year we will be exploring several new approaches including:

•Completing and initiating our “eAcademy” – a web-based, interactive social entrepreneurship elearning program

•Training a growing corps of certified Conscious Social Change Practitioners that can deploy on assignment to deliver our curriculum where requested by other partner organizations

•Identifying NGO partners to license our curriculum or engage us as consultants for technical support in integrating our tools and methods

•Developing shorter format offerings for new audiences using our conscious social change content, which may include student summer programs, executive education courses, weekend retreats, year-long training programs or half-day workshops

It remains our mission to catalyze the development of conscious communities of change agents who will work independently, collectively and systemically to advance the rights and wellbeing of women and girls. As we transition from an exclusively direct-service approach in order to share and teach our model to others, we hope to broaden our impact exponentially. Please join us as partners, investors, change agents and colleagues as we deepen our roots and seed new opportunities for women and girls worldwide.

Global Grassroots 2011

With gratitude,

Gretchen S. Wallace

Founder & President


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