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Global Grassroots 2011

" [Global Grassroots] required us to think more, and open our minds, and think more creatively, and find solutions. ”

- Christine Nyirandeya, team advisor of People of Love

On Lost Opportunity*

Médiatrice is a bright, dynamic woman who wanted to get involved in her community, so she joined a local organizing association. “I used to go to meetings of my association,” Médiatrice says. “They voted me to be an officer. But then they realized, “Oh, she doesn’t know how to read or write.” I lost many opportunities because I was illiterate.” Then Médiatrice heard about an organization called Let Us Build Ourselves, which teaches illiterate women for free. “So I thought – me, too, I have to join this class, because I’ve lost so many opportunities in my life because I’m illiterate.”

Today, Médiatrice is an elected social worker in her neighborhood, and she’s on the advisory council of her local government. “Now, I’ve taken opportunities,” she says.


photo by Laya Madsen

photo by Laya Madsen

photo by Laya Madsen