Global Custodian Securities@Sibos 2019 - Page 3

[ C O N T E N T S ] SECURITIES MARKET STRUCTURE 4 The future of stock exchanges Thomas Zeeb, head of securities and exchanges, member of the executive board, SIX, explores the potential impact of new technologies on stock echanges and their ecosystems. TECHNOLOGY 8 Top tech talking points at Sibos What were the main technology take-aways from last October’s Sibos conference in Sydney and how will they affect the securities industry? DIGITAL ASSETS 10 Custody in a digital asset world Institutional money requires institutional-level custody. Third-party custody of traditional assets is an established and secure service offering, but these services are not readily applicable to digital assets, says Jeanette Turner, chief regulatory officer, Compliance Solutions Strategies. SIBOS PANELS 13 The liquidity challenge Passive shift ‘jeopardises entire intermediary infrastructure’. 14 CSDs forced to defend their existence in a DLT world Joseph Lubin, founder of Consensys, describes CSDs as a “conceptual construct” that can take a decentralised form. DATA 18 Time to monetise your data Custodians are sitting on a mountain of valuable data which could be a new revenue stream if used properly, but as recent scandals have shown, navigating the data collection world can be a minefield. CYBER-SECURITY 22 Securities market ‘most at-risk’ of cyber attacks, says SWIFT report The financial gain for a hacker targeting securities market infrastructures is high, while custodians and brokers are also at risk. January 2019 Securities@Sibos 3