Glasshape VisionInk Printed Glass Brochure - Page 9

R Vision Ink CERAMIC PRINTED GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Eco - Credentials (including SHG & VLT control) SHG (Solar Heat Gain) & VLT (Visible Light Transfer) will always be a fundamental consideration for building design. VisionInk’s printed glass allows you to control these variables, vastly extending the capabilities and applications of this remarkable substrate. Solar Heat Gain & Visible Light Transfer • Opacity, translucency & ink layer thickness can be precisely manipulated • Control light diffusion & transmission • SHG and VLT values of any design can be predicted allowing clients to calculate thermal and solar performance of the building envelope (even in planning stages) • Using ink to deliver these goals vs. heavy building envelopes could deliver significant production and ongoing maintenance savings • Ink printed onto the exterior surface mitigates reflected heat (available in black and white only) Reduced bird collision • Graphics can be designed to appear to birds as areas in which they cannot fly Recyclable • Printed glass can be handled and disposed of as any other type of glass Imitation of natural materials • Photo realistic replication of scarce natural resources • Not subject to the same risks of deterioration • Access to otherwise restricted finishes (e.g. native timbers) LEED, BREEAM - Environmental certification requirements VisionInk significantly contributes to an overall positive rating under these programmes that measure a number of different variables including glass performance. GreenStar Green Star Certification is a formal process during which a building, fitout, or precinct is awarded a rating by an independent panel of sustainable development experts through a documentation-based assessment. Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Credentials Non-toxic • Inks are completely free of toxic heavy metals 07