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R About Us Glasshape ® provide customised turnkey glass solutions offering a full range of certified specialist glass products. Our proven global success is backed by comprehensive warranties and validated by international accreditation. Our service and specifically engineered glass solutions aim to exceed our clients design and performance requirements. We work with our clients to confirm their needs and establish the appropriate glass solutions. The Glasshape turnkey package from consultation through to installation is available to help ensure a worry-free and successful project is delivered every time. Our full range of specialist products are tailored to suit industries operating in demanding conditions and requiring high performance standards. Industries include architectural, marine, machinery, transportation, storm, security and ballistic. Glasshape has customers around the globe with Glasshape locations in New Zealand, Australia and USA. Our Vision: To become a world leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative, certified glass solutions tailored to meet the demanding requirements of highly specialised industries by differentiating on product quality, customer service and distribution excellence. Our Mission: Offer our customers a uniquely specialised glass solution that works for them every time. Our Values: • • • Treat customers, suppliers, and the community like we would our own family Tirelessly focus on brand, process improvement and delivery excellence by having a culture of continuous improvement Invest in the development of a great team, producing great products that completely satisfy the needs and desires of our diverse range of customers Glasshape is a successful company with double digit growth. We are a 100% customer focused company. To meet the increasing demand from architects, designers and their respective, highly discerning clients, Glasshape have a commitment to continuous innovation and technology investment. Our customers understand that with our expertise, their designs can be transformed into sensational glass realities. Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Founded in 1986, Glasshape has mastered and refined the science of Curved and Bent Glass, Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass and Double Glazed Glass, with uncompromising quality and service. The Glasshape Group is one of Australasia’s leading specialist processing, bending, toughening and laminating glass companies. 33