Glasshape VisionInk Printed Glass Brochure - Page 31

R Vision Ink CERAMIC PRINTED GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Digital Site Measure If you are looking for an accurate model of a curved panel for the design and development process, consider using Glasshape’s in-house digital measuring service, giving you an accurate model to base your design on. This is especially useful if the design includes multiple irregular panels or digitising critical information for development. Printer Specifications Shown here to give you a technical understanding of our printer and the standards and limitations with which we operate. Glass Type: Float glass, standard or tinted, toughened safety glass, heat strengthened Glass Thickness 4-19mm ( ⅙ – ¾ in) Glass Dimension: Max 3900 x 2440mm (153 ½ x 96 in) - Min 400 x 50mm(15 ¾ x 2 in ) Glass Weight: Max 1000kg / Max 2205 lbs Ceramic Frit / Ink Digital Ceramic Ink: Ceramic inks are lead and cadmium free glass enamels suitable for printing before toughening and laminating Ink: Based on glass frit and an inorganic pigment UV Resistance: ISO 11341:2004 (Accelerated radiation test) Scratch Resistance: (Braive Sclerometer) > 16 N Firing Temperature Range: 590-690° C / 1094-1274°F Surface Roughness: (Time Technology TR200) Ra < 0.5 Rz < 3 Chemical and Weathering Durability: The chemical durability of glass enamel is evaluated according to ASTM C724 - 91(2005) - Standard test method for acid resistance of ceramic decorations on architectural glass. Hydrochloric acid 2-3 (3.7% HCl, 5 min, 22°C ASTM C724-91) Acetic acid 1-2 (4% acetic acid, 15 min, 22°C ASTM C724-91) citric acid 1-2 (10% citric acid, 15 min, 22°C ASTM 724-91) Sulfuric acid 4 hr (0,1N H2SO4, 80°C, no change in color on glass side) Alkali resistance 1-2 (0,1N NaOH, 15 min, 22°C) Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Specifications VisionInk on flat or curved glass 29