Glasshape VisionInk Printed Glass Brochure - Page 30

Graphic Requirements File Format: EPS, PDF, JPEG, TIFF, AI, PSD, DWG, DXF, PNG Image Resolution: 72-300dpi (depends on required viewing distance) range of 200-300 pixels per inch Screening Control: AM – Angle method 3-45 LPI FM – Digital screen appearance File Preparation: Standard graphic preparation via image and graphic applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Facade Panelling: Implementation via DXF or DWG Images in file: Embedded images, or send as attached Colour mode: RGB colour mode preferred (CMYK is accepted) Text in file: Outline text within file Variable Data: Automatic panel customization: numbering, serial number, etc. (for tracking and easy installation on site) Printer Capabilities Printer Technology: 28 DOD piezzo - Drop On Demand Ink: Digital Ceramic Ink Print Resolution: Up to 720 DPI Print side of glass panel: Print on one side only (opposite to tin side) Print Surface: Any side of flat laminates (including side 1, 2, 3 and 4) Only the concave side of curved glass Slip Resistance need to be applied to exposed glass (side 1) Ink Appearance: Glossy and matte Transparency Control via Ink thickness (%) Full Colour Process: Printing up to 6 colours simultaneously Colour Match: RAL/Pantone – Colour tables based on Digital Ceramic Ink colour gamut Images – Digital mixing process to produce colourful photo realistic images