Glasshape VisionInk Printed Glass Brochure - Page 3

R Vision Ink CERAMIC PRINTED GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Overview Features & Benefits 3 • Why choose VisionInk • Eco - Credentials (including SHGC & VLT) • Graphics Limitations (almost none!) • Applications & Project Size Graphic Application Guide 13 • Colour Profiles & Ink control • Vector Graphics • Photo Realism • Double Vision (different images on each side) • Filters and Screens • Slip Resistant Ink Technical Information 27 • Image File Requirements • Glass & Ink Specifications, Testing Regimes • How VisionInk Works Ceramic The VisionInk ® digital ceramic glass printer is the most advanced and versatile glass printing machine available; ideal for both external and internal architectural and transportation glass applications. With VisionInk’s image processing software, this high-tech printer goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional screen and UV glass printing; providing greater opportunity, flexibility, and quality in designing with glass. With thousands of possible colours, 720dpi resolution and the ability to control precisely the ink thickness, VisionInk provides unfettered scope of design. Chicago O’Hare International Airport - Printed by Goldray Industries - Chicago, IL, USA Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application 01