Glasshape VisionInk Printed Glass Brochure - Page 23

R Vision Ink CERAMIC PRINTED GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Double Vision Our printing technology together with the transparent properties of glass mean we can print image ‘two’ directly on top of image ‘one’ resulting in different images viewed on each side of the glass. This can be useful in one-way glass applications or privacy control for example. Dots & Gaps Manipulation of dots and gaps allows us to deliver printed glass that appears as a crisp, vibrant, solid image from a distance and when viewed up close, allows visibility through to the other side. Many different designs can be applied using this technique to deliver the desired result, just a few examples are shown here.   Inverse Circle Gap: 2 Size:1 Square Gap: 2 Size:1 Inverse Square Gap: 2 Size:1 Front of Glass Vert. Line Gap: 2 Size:1 Hoz. Line Gap: 2 Size:1 Back of Glass Front of Sample 5 - VisionInk Samples Back of Sample 5 - VisionInk Samples Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Vision Circle Gap: 2 Size:1 21