Glasshape VisionInk Printed Glass Brochure - Page 27

R Vision Ink CERAMIC PRINTED GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Slip Resistant Ink This is a specialty ink outside of our BGWORK standard spot colours. The patterns shown here are tested using the ANSI A137.1 Dynamic Co efficient of friction test. Certified to: • AS4586 (Australia) • AS/NZS 3661.1 (New Zealand) • ANSI A137.1 (United States) It is the combination of printed and non printed areas that create the best resistance. Any design featuring printed and non printed areas using this ink will provide a level of slip resistance although it will not necessarily be certified as such. We can test any bespoke design for certification as required. As this ink is toughened into the glass, it offers unrivalled durability versus alternative non-slip solutions that typically wear off over time. Sample 3 - VisionInk Samples Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Resistant NB: we can print any spot or process colour under the slip resistant ink 25