Glasshape SwitchShield 01.SwitchShield Brochure - Page 7

Glazing SwitchShield ® Product Name Thickness Max Size SwitchShield ® 07 6.5mm (1/4”) 980 x 1500mm (38 5/8” x 59 1/16”) SwitchShield ® 11 10.5mm (3/8”) 1820 x 3100mm (71 5/8” x 122 1/16”) SwitchShield ® 13 12.5mm (1/2”) 1820 x 3100mm (71 5/8” x 122 1/16”) Film Interlayer 1. Clear Edges Please note that the Switchable film laminated inside the glass will stop approximately 4-6mm short of the edge of the glass. This needs to be taken into consideration when glazing with butt joins and when not fully framed. We have to stop the film short of the edge to ensure no possible contact with the film from the frame and to also ensure suitable lamination between the glass. 2. Electrical Wires Electrical wires come out from either the corner or the centre of an edge. When ordering, please indicate the position you require. The standard length of electrical wires is one metre. Glass Glass Laminate layer 4 - 6mm 3. Glazing in a frame Four side protector Three side protector Two side protector One side protector Centre wire Corner wire The drawing on the left shows the minimum rebate requirements. Frames used for traditional curtain walls can be used. The metal frame should be electrically grounded and no moisture allowed to enter it. To fix SwitchShield ® , the installer must check that the limits of the dimensions are adhered to. Any pressure increase on the glazing is to be strictly avoided. The electrical wires from SwitchShield ® should be placed at the upper edges of the SwitchShield ® panel. Glasshape ® recommends that SwitchShield ® panels be wet glazed using a structural sealant such as Dow Corning 995 of 795. Sealants must be non- acidic and non-solvent based. Warranty - 5 year Limited Warranty Important Note 1. Remove all spurs around all electrical wires and be sure that their coverings are not broken. 2. Do not load wires into the sash and also ensure that the edge protectors are not damaged. 3. When making holes in the sash for the wires to pass through, ensure rubber bushings are inserted into the holes. 4. When SwitchShield ® is installed in a metal sash frame, ensure that the frame is electrically grounded. | ““Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass with Excellence” R 7