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SwitchShield ® as a Rear Projection Screen SwitchShield ® can be used as an innovative and dynamic advertising display. The interior can be open during working hours by turning the window transparent (on). It can then be used for advertising display by turning the window off. The switching function can be controlled automatically by using a timer or light sensor. ON Benefits Applications • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • PROJECT OFF High resolutions Large viewing angle Projection equipment is hidden behind the screen (rear projection) High acoustic performance: avoiding noise from the projector Eye catching screen: transparency at will (ON) Safety and security: laminated glass Easy to clean Cost-effective relative to other display media Shop Fronts Facades Conference rooms Control rooms TV Studios Exhibitions Showrooms Boardrooms Beam Projector Glass Window Digital satellite broadcasting Outside SwitchShield ® TV Broadcasting VTR DVD, VCD Internet access PC | ““Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass with Excellence” R 5