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What is SwitchShield ® Glass? Switchable glass is an innovative glass product that is ideal for areas where privacy may be required at certain times. Windows normally allow you to see as well as to be seen. However, it is sometimes desirable to be hidden from prying eyes. SwitchShield ® Switchable Glass offers you this privacy at the flick of a switch. A unique technology of SwitchShield ® allows it to be switched from an ordinary-looking clear glass to a opaque glass, ensuring optimal vision control. All it takes is a humble switch that makes it as simple as turning the lights on. Applicable to windows, vision panels in doors, interior partitioning, and rooflites. SwitchShield ® natural state is fully opaque. When turned on, the switchable glass becomes completely clear, and with the use of a standard dimmer any level of translucency can be achieved. OFF | ON Benefits Applications • Change from clear to opaque instantly and uniformly over the entire surface area • More privacy • Protection of interior furniture and other valuable items from UV damage • Safety and security • Requires very little power (less than 4.0 watts per m 2 ) • Superior optical qualities relative to other privacy glass products • • • • • ““Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass with Excellence” Architectural windows Rooflites Interior partitions Glass covering products Boardrooms R 3