Glasshape Storm Glass Brochure - Page 9

R StormShield ® Range StormShield ® is available in a range of thicknesses to satisfy wind loading and deflection requirements. The Australian standard AS1288 normally determines the minimum thickness of glass allowed in cyclonic areas. StormShield ® can be manufactured to incorporate tinted glass and high performance Low E coated glass such as Solar E and Planibel to boost thermal and solar performance characteristics. Specialty make-ups of StormShield ® tints are recommended to have a Thermal Safety Assessment for the specific application. Heat Strengthened Options For dark tints and Low E products where an increased risk of thermal stress is present we recommend heat strengthened StormShield ® . Heat Strengthened StormShield ® can also be used to reduce the glass thickness particularly in applications where extreme wind loads and large windows demand thicker glass, which can become an issue when glazing. StormShield ® Thickness Calculator Glasshape ® have an E-calculator available for your convenience, it has an AS1288 formulae embedded for a very quick assessment of the thickness required. The Pearl Resort - Fiji Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application StormShield ® Login at - 07