Glasshape Storm Glass Brochure - Page 5

R Debris Impact Testing StormShield ® has been designed to resist the impact of flying debris without any penetration or perforation of the laminated interlayer protecting buildings and the occupants from the risk of injury or damage. This means the window isn’t compromised which keeps the structural integrity of the building intact. StormShield ® has been tested by a fully accredited third party cyclone testing station and has exceeded the test described in AS/NZS1170.2:2011, clause 5.3.2. This test involved a 4kg piece of timber (100mm x 50mm cross section) projected at up to 45m/sec (162km/h). Storm Shutters Traditional structures have required secondary protection such as storm shutters or storm screens to meet the required impact standards. These additions obscure vision and compromise the design aesthetics. Debris StormShield ® when installed in a certified framing system provides a complete solution which meets the demands of AS/NZS1170.2:2011 without the need of any additional protective measures. Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application 03