Glasshape Storm Glass Brochure - Page 4

Storm Shield R C Y C L O N E R E S I S TA N T G L A S S - B Y G L A S S H A P E Cyclone Debris Impact Resistance & Wind Loading Wind born debris is a major threat in extreme cyclone conditions. These missiles can be anything from branches to parts of other damaged buildings! If these penetrate the envelope of the building including the windows the risk of injury to occupants or damage to contents is extremely high. In the event of a breach of the buildings envelope during a storm the likelihood of complete destruction is greatly increased. When subjected to high wind loads buildings which are adequately sealed develop a negative internal pressure which helps to counteract the wind pressures acting on the roof and walls of the building. If the building envelope is penetrated in these conditions the sudden change to a positive internal pressure can result in the failure of the roof or in the worst case the whole building structure. Negative Internal Pressure - Windows intact, building remains structurally safe. Positive Internal Pressure - Windows breached, structural integrity compromised. 02