Glasshape Storm Glass Brochure - Page 3

R Overview Protecting your family, staff and property during cyclones, hurricanes and severe storm conditions means resisting excessive wind speeds and penetration from flying debris. In the event the glass is damaged by flying storm debris, windows need to remain weather tight without a breach or the buildings structural integrity could be compromised. StormShield ® uses specially formulated ultra-high grade laminate in the manufacturing process, engineered so the glass can expand and contract up to five times its normal rate before breaking providing protection from wind born debris. E-zone ® Glass is a Thermal Resistant Cyclone Rated Glass, boasting the same ultra-high grade laminate with additional thermal advantages and flood resistance. Fully certified for use in Regions C and D in Australia and the Pacific Islands, StormShield ® has been extensively tested at our IPENZ certified in-house testing facility as well as other NATA accredited testing facilities. • • • • • • • • • • MHCC Shopping Mall: Suva Fiji Islands: 650m 2 StormShield ® Glass ANZ Tower: Suva Fiji Islands: 600m 2 StormShield ® Glass ICON Apartments: Port Hedland, Western Australia: 1200m 2 StormShield ® Glass Baynton Apartments: Karratha, Western Australia: 1000m 2 StormShield ® Glass Shreedhar Motors Building: Suva, Fiji Islands: 200m 2 StormShield ® Glass Westpac Bank: Suva, Fiji Islands: 200m 2 StormShield ® Glass The Denarau Yacht Club: Denarau, Fiji Islands: 200m 2 StormShield ® Glass Townsville Apartments: Townsville Queensland, Australia: 800m 2 StormShield ® Glass Darwin Medical Centre: Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia: 200m 2 StormShield ® Glass IGU Lizard Island Resort: Queensland, Australia: 360m 2 StormShield ® Glass ANZ Tower - Suva, Fiji Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Resistant Flag Ship Storm Glass Projects: 01