Glasshape Storm Glass Brochure - Page 14

Storm Shield R C Y C L O N E R E S I S TA N T G L A S S - B Y G L A S S H A P E Glazing and Installation StormShield ® must be glazed correctly and in accordance with how it was tested to guarantee performance in cyclonic conditions. StormShield ® must be fully glazed on all four Y\ˈ^[Y\]\\H\[X[]Y\Y ^B]\HۋXXYX\Kۋ\[\YX[[\ݙYH\\H0X\ܛ[NMB܈ MH\HX\[X[[ H\و\]XHX[[\H]Z[XHۈ\]Y\ ܈[ܙH^[YH\X][ۜ[[Z[][HYY[[Y\܈[[Z[][H[Y\]ۙY[[\\HX[Y[Y]HZ[[][HYHݙ\\]X[HXۙ\وH\˂܈[ZY Y۝܈pY\\HZ[[X[[Z[\\\Y\[X^HH\Y[Y]Bو[H][[ۜˈXYX\Y[\YYY\Yۜ\H]Z[XH\ۈ\]Y\ \ۈ[YH[Y[Y[[ܜX^[Y]\H^[Y[H[\ܝ[[\HB[\XX\ۈ[\X HܛTY[0[[\\ܘ]K]\ۈHY[YH[XYKH[\HYHوH\\\YHH[YK]\[H\[\XX[H\[KYH[YXY[YH[Y[Y[ [\[HZ[\BL˙\\KB[\[H\ܛX[