Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 6

Bandit Shield R ANTIBANDIT GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Anti-Bandit Glass Solutions BanditShield ® has been specifically developed to resist manual attack and delay access to protected areas such as jewellery stores where items of high value can be easily accessed. Unlike standard laminated glass, the BanditShield ® Anti-Bandit Glass range does not fall away when broken, preventing access. With the BanditShield ® range, the bonded glass and laminate make it challenging and time consuming to smash through. The laminate holds on to the broken layers of glass making separation a difficult process. The extra time and noise generated whilst attempting to create a suitable opening usually attracts the attention of neighbours or inhabitants in the area, this serves as a deterrent and thwarts further attempts of would-be burglars or opportunist smash and grab criminals. Area Specific Requirements Smash & Grab Slowing or delaying an intruder who is attempting this will deter them from successfully taking any goods Liquor Store Preventing quick entry will deter criminal from successfully stealing liquor Front of Store Display (Retail) Preventing quick entry will deter criminal from successfully stealing goods Low Security Detention Centres Slowing an attempt to break out can give staff the time needed to respond to the incident High Class Luxury Homes Delaying or forcing the intruder to make more noise can deter them from ever entering and gives you more time to escape or alert authorities Pharmacies Protecting drugs from opportunist smash and grab burglars Attack Resistance BanditShield ® Anti-Bandit Glass has been specially designed and constructed from incredibly robust laminated glass to achieve a higher level of resistance to physical attack in low risk security situations. Under attack with common hand tools such as hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, axes and bricks, BanditShield ® will resist penetration for up to 1 minute. Where a greater level of security is required we would recommend using or specifying BanditShield Ultra ® or ArmourShield ® 04