Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 5

R Areas Of Use: Areas Of Use: Medium and Maximum Security Prisons Youth Detention Centres Government Intelligence Offices Police Station - Cell Windows, Bail Cells Court House - Cells Staff Attack Retreat Rooms Threat: Equipped with Heavy Tools 30 Minutes Intruder Resistance Sledgehammers Axes Crowbars Picks Chisels Bolt Cutters Up to Panic Room - Refuge Rooms Foreign Embassies Cash Handling - Banks, Foreign Exchange Courtrooms Armoured Vehicles VIP and Diplomat Housing Threat: Equipped with Firearms & Explosives Up to 60 Minutes Intruder Resistance Multiple Attackers Pistols Shotguns Shotguns (slugs) Rifles Explosives Recommended Product: Recommended Product: Armour • • • • • • Shield Ammo R POLY-COMPOSITE SECURITY GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Shield R B U L L E T R E S I S TA N T G L A S S - B Y G L A S S H A P E Blast Shield R B L A S T R E S I S TA N T G L A S S - B Y G L A S S H A P E Refer to pages 10-11 Refer to pages 12-15 Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Analysis • • • • • • 03