Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 23

R Bullet Resistance Testing Glasshape ® has carried out extensive testing of our AmmoShield ® glass to both the AS/NZS2343:1997 and NIJ0108.01:1985 standards. Testing to AS/NZS2343:1997 requires the test panel to be shot three times with the shot centres 100mm apart forming an equilateral triangle. A witness card is mounted 450mm from the rear of the glass and the glass panel is deemed to satisfy the ballistic classification if no projectile passes through and no particles from the panel or projectile perforate the witness card. Blast Resistance Testing Full-scale open-air blast tests are rarely performed these days so the use of latest technology in blast modelling is used to determine the performance of different make ups of BlastShield ® being designed for specific projects. Glasshape’s technical team work with blast engineers on specific project designs to ensure that complete systems will withstand the required blast requirements. Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application 21