Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 20

Custom Solutions Custom Solutions – Designed specifically for your project When considering security for a project there can be many influences that will need to be considered before an appropriate solution can be found. While Glasshape’s range of security glass products has been designed to provide a solution for most security glass requirements we realise that your requirements may require a unique solution. The specialist team at Glasshape ® have designed custom solutions to meet specific requirements including intruder, bullet and blast protection as well as a solution for use in mental health facilities where self-harm is a concern. If you have a project with unique requirements whether it is the threat level, thermal performance, privacy or other specific demands, talk to Glasshape ® and we will design and test a glass solution to meet your needs. Switch Shield R SWITCHABLE GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Privacy Requirements In many security applications there is a requirement for privacy or one-way vision. At Glasshape ® we’re able to customise our security glass products to provide a solution for these requirements whether it is one-way vision for interview rooms or semi translucent glass for privacy. SwitchShield ® provides an innovative and flexible solution to privacy requirements with the ability to change from clear to translucent at the flick of a switch. SwitchShield ® can be incorporated in our security glass solutions to provide privacy on demand. OFF Variable ON Commercial Offices - Board Room 18