Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 18

Specialised Security Areas Military / VIP Solutions Protecting military personnel or VIP’s from risk of attack requires specific glass solutions which can resist the highest levels of threats or attacks from enemies or terrorists. Glasshape ® can design custom glass solutions which incorporate both bullet and blast resistance if required. We are also able to provide glass which is certified for use in road vehicles an important consideration for use in military or VIP protection vehicles. Foreign Embassy Solutions With buildings such as embassies and other government buildings there is often a requirement for the glass to be able to resist multiple threats such as intruder, bullet and blast which requires a specialised solution for each application. Glasshape ® have designed, tested and certified customised glass solutions which incorporate the unique properties of ArmourShield ® , AmmoShield ® and BlastShield ® to provide an answer to these specific requirements. A fine example of our customised approach was the recently completed Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. 16