Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 17

R Custom Intruder Resistance Benefits • • • Customised Certified Blast Resistant Glass tailored for your project Tested and Certified to meet various levels of blast resistance Can be configured to provide protection from bullet, blast and physical attack Features • • • • Available in a range of thicknesses to suit different window sizes and security requirements Clear and tinted options available Options for thermal and solar control are available Is a Grade A safety glass to AS/NZS2208 Design & Technology BlastShield ® needs to be custom designed as part of a complete system to ensure it performs as required in an explosion event. The glazing, frames, and anchorage must all be able to survive the blast loading in order for the overall system to provide adequate protection. If any one part of the system fails, then the entire system fails. Similarly, the supporting wall must be able to handle the loads imparted to it by the window system. If the window system has a higher capacity than the supporting wall, when the wall fails the entire window system may be blown into the facility. If you have a project requiring blast resistant glass please contact our technical team who will design a solution to meet your specific requirements. BlastShield ® can be customised to meet your specific performance and aesthetic requirements. Contact our products specialists to discuss a solution for your application. Solar or Thermal Privacy Decorative Customise your glass to meet your unique requirements. Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Resistant Glasshape’s technical team work with blast engineers on specific project designs to ensure that complete systems will withstand the required blast requirements. 15