Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 16

Blast Shield R B L A S T R E S I S TA N T G L A S S - B Y G L A S S H A P E Blast Resistant Glass Solutions BlastShield ® has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a blast attack. BlastShield ® blast resistant glass typically uses a multiple layered combination of incredibly robust laminated glass and poly-composites to reduce the risk of flying glass debris in the event of an explosion. BlastShield’s unique design allows the flexibility of the interlayer and the adhesion between layers of laminated glass to continue to resist blast after the glass layers fracture. This gives protection from significantly higher blast loads when compared to a monolithic pane of glass. Area Specific Requirements Foreign Embassies Protect staff and information in the event of a terrorist attack. Military Protection of military facilities from attack. VIP and Diplomat Housing Protect occupants from armed robbery or terrorist attack. Guard House Provide protection against attack from terrorists. BlastShield ® Range BlastShield ® thicknesses range from 22mm to over 65mm depending on the level of blast being protected against. Full-scale open-air blast tests are rarely performed these days so the use of latest technology in blast modelling is used to determine the performance of different make ups of BlastShield ® being designed for specific projects. 14