Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 15

R 10-60 Intruder Resistance Minutes Benefits • • • Customised Certified Bullet Resistant Glass tailored for your project Tested and Certified to meet various levels of protection AS/NZS2343 ballistic to level G0, G1, G2, R1, R2 as well as S0 and S1 Can be configured to provide protection from bullet, blast and physical attack Features • • • • • Available in a range of thicknesses to suit different window sizes and security requirements Clear and tinted options available Options for thermal and solar control are available Is a Grade A safety glass to AS/NZS2208 Maximum size per panel is 1800mm x 2400mm Design & Technology Most AmmoShield ® products are comprised of multi-laminated glass with a poly-composite spall panel on the non-attack side to stop glass fragments from being thrown from the back of the panel in the eve @bGF6v76R *26FW6vVBv726VB *RW2vFF7fFPGF6f6Rf"6GVF27V62fW'6RvFw2"&V2vFBV֖BVf&VG2vW&PFRǒ66FRFB&R7VF&RFW6vVBFgV7F277FV6VB *W7B&RfGFVB&fVB&Ɨ7F2g&R&&FVǐ7FVBFVWB7FF&G2BGF6WfV27V6fVBdT% f&6VBVG''VWB&W67F6Rv722gFV&WV&VBv&66GVF27V62V&76W26VB *6&R6fwW&VBFVWBFR'VWBBG'VFW"&W67F6W27V6fVBW"&V7B6VB *6&R7W7F֗6VBFVWBW"7V6f2W&f&6RBW7FWF0&WV&VVG26F7BW"&GV7G27V6Ɨ7G2FF67W726WFf"W"Ɩ6F6""FW&&f7FV6&FfP7W7F֗6RW"v72FVWBW"VVR&WV&VVG26WFR6W'FfVBv726WF2FW6vVBf"W"Ɩ6F&W67F@FRF&RvR#2&fFW2wVFRFv6F6W72&W7B7VBW"&WV&VVG2"R66F7BW"&GV7B7V6Ɨ7G2vvVR6VV7BFR6'&V7B&GV7Bf"W"Ɩ6F