Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 13

R Intruder Resistance 5-30 Minutes Benefits • • • Superior attack resistance compared to Anti-bandit laminated glass. Resists intruder access for up to thirty minutes (as per AS3555.1 Level 2) Weapons simply bounce off due to its amazing elastic properties. Should the outer glass layer be broken the poly-composite panel maintains a level of structural integrity Customised Certified Intruder Resistant Glass tailored for your individual project Features • • • • • • Due to the glass poly-composite construction, ArmourShield ® is lightweight when compared to other glass products of the same thickness Available in a range of thicknesses to suit different window sizes and security requirements Clear and tinted options available Options for thermal and solar control are available Is a Grade A safety glass to AS/NZS2208 Maximum size per panel is 1800mm x 2400mm ArmourShield ® comes in a range of thicknesses from 14mm to 26mm to provide the required protection from physical attack from five to thirty minutes (as detailed under AS3555.1 level 2) when used in an approved framing system. ArmourShield ® is available in three variants, annealed glass on both surfaces, toughened glass on both surfaces and toughened glass on the attack surface and annealed glass on the non attack surface. Each of these options has particular advantages. If you have a specific requirement Glasshape ® are able to customise an ArmourShield ® solution for your specific requirements, please contact one of our product specialists who can help provide this solution. Glasshape ® recommend that ArmourShield ® is installed in a tested and certified steel frame with edge cover at least equal to the thickness of the glass to ensure the glass performs to the required standard. ArmourShield ® can be customised to meet your specific performance and aesthetic requirements. Contact our products specialists to discuss a solution for your application. Solar or Thermal Privacy Decorative Customise your glass to meet your unique requirements. Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Resistant ArmourShield ® Range 11