Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 11

R Intruder Resistance 5-20 Minutes Benefits • • • • • • Superior patient safety No need for secure mesh or grills Improved staff safety Transform patient rooms and areas into friendly and safe spaces Increased patient comfort with more home like environment Vastly improved lighting, clarity and visibility without compromising safety Features • • • Ability to create larger window openings than previously possible Tested and proven in anti-ligature framing Maximum size per panel is 1800mm x 2400mm The secret of CareShield ® is the specifically designed risk free poly-composite inside face. Should the window be repetitively hit, beaten or bashed by a patient, CareShield ® has no glass surface available to break, nor for patients to cut themselves or injure staff with. Engineered with an exceptionally tough glass exterior for weathering (offering a 10 year warranty), CareShield ® provides protection from the external elements or alternately glazing in a passage way provides an easy clean surface for staff to see through. CareShield ® is available in a range of thicknesses and make-ups to suit different window sizes and applications please refer to the table on page 24 to assist in selecting the correct product for your application. Glasshape ® recommend that CareShield ® is installed into suitable anti-ligature steel or aluminium frames with a minimum edge cover of at least the thickness of the CareShield ® panel. For more information, please read our CareShield ® brochure or talk to one of our specialists. CareShield ® can be customised to meet your specific performance and aesthetic requirements. Contact our products specialists to discuss a solution for your application. Solar or Thermal Privacy Decorative Customise your glass to meet your unique requirements. Complete certified glass solutions designed for your application Solutions Unique Mental Health Facilities Requirements 09