Glasshape Security Glass Solutions Brochure - Page 10

Care Shield R SECURE HEALTHCARE SAFETY GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Secure Healthcare Safety Glass Solutions Specifically developed as one of the safest windows, CareShield ® is the safe and reliable glass solution for use in mental health facilities to protect patients from self-harm and to help provide a safer working environment for staff. CareShield ® , removes the possibility of patients harming themselves with glass if a window is broken. Families are assured their loved ones are in a safe zone where self-harm from broken glass is all but eliminated. Area Specific Requirements Mental Health Facilities Reduce the risk of patients injuring themselves and providing protection for staff Police Stations Use in containment cells to reduce the risk of self-harm Youth Detention Centres Prevention of break-out and protecting staff from attack Prison Psychiatric Assessment Units Prevention of break-out and reduce the risk of self-harm Testing and Certification Regarded by many as the safest glass, CareShield ® is a poly-glass composite scientifically designed and rigorously tested in accordance with Australian and New Zealand safety standards. CareShield ® has been tested and certified to AS3555.1 Level 2 in an approved framing system. Testing to AS3555.1 level 2 requires the glass to be attacked by two men using common hand tools such as chisels, punches, wedges, screwdrivers, pliers, bolt cutters, hammers, axes, sledgehammers, pry bars and ripping tools, none of which exceeds 1.5 m in length, nor 3.6 kg in mass. 08