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R Nsure Glaze R GLAZING ASSURANCE - BY GLASSHAPE Glazing with confidence As part of the Glasshape® experience, you can now enjoy the assurance of worry free glazing by asking for NsureGlaze® to be added to you project. It’s simple, it works. For a small charge, you get huge value and guaranteed margin. NsureGlaze® offers you full replacement* of glass supplied by Glasshape® should you damage or break it during installation. This means you no longer have to over-inflate your margin to cover your risk when glazing a high value product such as curved glass. If you inadvertently damage or break the glass, Glasshape® will resupply the glass to point of original supply at no cost to you. NsureGlaze® puts the onus on Glasshape®. NsureGlaze® means you can glaze with confidence that your profit is not at risk. It also means you can price projects with a more competitive margin to help you win projects rather than loose them due to excessive margins to cover your perceived risk in glazing. NsureGlaze® is an optional term offered as part of a glass supply contract from Glasshape® and is not an Independent Insurance Cover. NsureGlaze® does not replace your public liability or other insurance covers. NsureGlaze® does however offer you peace of mind and security of your profit. Ask for NsureGlaze® to be added to your project where you can enjoy the unique benefits it offers. *Terms and Conditions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. The Customer acknowledges that NsureGlaze® is not an insurance product. NsureGlaze® is an optional term which may be offered to the Customer as part of the glass supply contract. If the NsureGlaze® option is offered in Schedule A of the Glasshape® supply contract and is selected by the Customer, then the terms in this clause shall apply. Customers must physically sign the NsureGlaze® offer for the product to be added to their project. NsureGlaze® supplies replacement glass that has been accidentally damaged during glazing by a suitably qualified and experienced glazer. Glasshape® reserves the right to request photos of damaged glass or access the site to inspect damaged glass. Glasshape® reserves the right to refuse cover of damaged product if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that the damage has occurred through deliberate actions or other than during glazing. The term ‘glazing’ is the act of installing the glass into or onto its frame. Replacement glass shall be produced through normal processing lead times. Although all care and consideration is made, Glasshape® cannot guarantee exact colour match between replacement glass and originals. Glass colours can vary between batches and suppliers of the raw materials. NsureGlaze® will replace glass like for like. Any requests from the customer to alter sizes or specifications in any form will void the replacement offer. NsureGlaze® covers the cost of replacement glass that has been damaged during glazing, to the point of original supply of the contract. Where shipping was included in the original supply contract, sea freight is the only method covered by NsureGlaze®. Should airfreight be requested by the client, this will be charged to the client and will need to be prepaid before the glass is dispatched. NsureGlaze® does not cover the cost of unpacking, glazing, labour, access or any other costs associated with the reglazing process. All claims must be made within 30 days from time of delivery. Glasshape® reserve the right to reject any claims received after 30 days from delivery. Glasshape® take no responsibility in any form for penalties incurred by the client as result of damaged or late delivered glass. The cost of NsureGlaze® is determined by Glasshape® on a case by case basis and is not negotiable. Glasshape® reserves the right to withdraw NsureGlaze® term at any time prior to a contract being signed by the customer and Glasshape®. Glasshape’s other terms of trade apply to NsureGlaze®. Version: NsureGlaze - A4 - 11.16 65-67 Woodcocks Road Warkworth, Auckland Glasshape Limited Phone: +64 (9) 422 2565 Fax: +64 (9) 422 2566