Glasshape Marine Glass Brochure - Page 28

Dura ShieldMarine R MARINE GRADE GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Digital Site Measurement Services Our digital site measure service utilises the latest scanning hardware to produce electronic templates with unmatched accuracy, doing away with the need for physical templates that are cumbersome and time consuming to use. These electronic templates convert into 3D renders that can be approved by the client ahead of production. This added layer of checks and balances means inaccurate measurements and human error are practically eliminated from the process. In the event that at a later stage a replacement piece of glass is required, we have the exact record of what was produced and can reproduce it precisely. As an additional service, Glasshape can provide scanned data to the builder for use in other areas of the construction for the fitting of other non-glass related components. 26 “Ohana” 3D CAD Model “Ohana” Fitzroy Yachts