Glasshape Marine Glass Brochure - Page 25

R Switch Shield R SWITCHABLE GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Switchable Glass – On-Demand Privacy Switchable glass is an innovative glass product that is ideal for areas where privacy may be required at times and not at others. Applicable to windows, vision panels in doors, interior partitioning, shower screens, and skylights as examples. The natural state for SwitchShield ® is fully opaque. When turned on, the window becomes completely clear, and with the use of a standard dimmer, can be any level of translucency between. SwitchShield can also be used as a rear projection screen for an innovative display. SwitchShield is a PD-LCD (Polymer- Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display) film and interlayer laminated between two panes of Grade A safety glass. The glass component can be printed with VisionInk if required. Features & Benefits: Effortless adjustment between visibility and privacy Dimmable Protects furnishings and other items from UV damage Economical (operates on 110 AC) Can be incorporated with tinted glass or VisionInk Interior & exterior applications Grade A Safety Glass Can be configured to meet IACS requirements Marine certified where applicable ON OFF “Bigfish” McMullen & Wing - Aquos Yachts “Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass with Excellence” Glass • • • • • • • • • 23