Glasshape Marine Glass Brochure - Page 21

R Vision Ink CERAMIC PRINTED GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Digitally Printed Ceramic Ink With pinpoint accuracy up to 720dpi and inks, that once toughened (tempered), become a part of the glass itself. VisionInk represents the cutting edge of glass print technology and provides the most powerful resistance to scratching, UV light & weather deterioration and an easily maintained surface that withstands the test of time. VisionInk removes all the limitations of screen printing: • Print any design, from simple lines to detailed imagery • Six spot colours combine to create an unrivalled colour palette; bespoke premixed colours can be created too • Complete predictability, repeatability & durability • Extend black-out borders to include your brand/insignia (in colour if you wish) VisionInk combines the durability of ceramic inks with the versatility of digital printing • Precision control of ink thickness for prediction & manipulation of Visible Light Transfer and Solar Heat Gain variables • Surface can be cleaned as per normal glass with no impact on the graphic • Perfectly suited to both interior and exterior applications, with a 10yr warranty VisionInk can replicate any image, design or pattern with brilliant accuracy, vibrant colours and sharp resolution. From simple lines to full colour photos, VisionInk allows architects, engineers and designers to explore new possibilities in modern and sustainable design in interior and exterior marine applications. Colour Matching VisionInk uses 6 ‘spot’ colours (blue, green, white, orange, red & black – BGWORK) to generate the hundreds of thousands of other colours possible with ceramic inks. This is a close match to the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) ‘Process’ colour that paper based print methods use. Our software will convert any image file colour-mode to BGWORK but bright pinks are not possible to print – this is due to a lack of magenta in our colour mix (a magenta ceramic ink given current technology would need to be toxic (lead or cadmium based)). The best results come when we convert an image file that is in RGB colour mode. Applications & Project Size From small insignia or splash-back to nameplates or internal fit-outs, VisionInk is a versatile design solution. “Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass with Excellence” 19