Glasshape Marine Glass Brochure - Page 15

R Armour Shield R POLY-COMPOSITE SECURITY GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Intruder Resistant Glass ArmourShield ® is a polycomposite-glass laminate that maintains the appearance of normal glass while offering significant protection from deliberate, sustained attack. Attack weapons simply bounce off the window. In the event the window glass surface is compromised, the tough inner-core of the polycomposite remains un-penetrated protecting individuals and property inside. ArmourShield protects the critical operational areas of a vessel such as the engine room or pilothouse, and can be installed to offer guest and crew protection in other areas by slowing down and restricting intruder entry. ArmourShield comes in a number of thicknesses geared to provide a variety of security levels, resulting in protection from physical attack from five to thirty minutes (as detailed under AS3555.1 level 2). It must be installed in an approved framing system. • • • • • • • • • Superior attack resistance compared to standard laminated glass Elastic properties mean weapons ‘bounce’ off the glass surface Customised Certified Intruder Resistant Glass tailored for your individual project Lightweight vs. glass-only products of similar thickness & attack resistance Can be incorporated with tinted glass Enhanced design options available by combining SwitchShield or VisionInk Tested and Certified to meet AS 3555.1 Level 2 Can be configured to meet IACS requirements Marine certified where applicable “Lady-M” Palmer Johnson “Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass with Excellence” Resistant Features & Benefits: 13