Glasshape Marine Glass Brochure - Page 11

R Ezone R Marine THERMAL RESISTANT MARINE GLASS - BY GLASSHAPE Solar Heat Gain Control Ezone™ Marine is a technologically advanced glazing solution to help moderate inbound solar heat gain. Perfect for pilot houses or any area on a vessel that experiences excessive exposure to the sun. It is a quality alternative to double glazed units potentially contributing to significant weight, and on-going fuel savings. A pyrolytic process embeds invisible heat-reflective materials to the glass, allowing light to enter, but reflecting much of the inbound heat. It is possible to configure Ezone Marine to maximize heat retention for vessels in cooler climates. Specifying Ezone Marine with DuraShield Marine delivers all the benefits of exceptional thermal performance and the ultimate in strength and clarity. It can be supplied in laminated form that may eliminate the need for storm covers, or monolithic toughened (tempered) form which may require storm covers. • • • • • • • • • • Decreased solar heat gain, cooler working conditions and improved comfort High levels of visual light transmission Potential to reduce HVAC requirements, Alternative to Double Glazed Units (due to dramatic reduction in impact of structural flex on window performance) Reduced overall weight with likely positive effect on fuel consumption Customised solutions curved to your specifications Various low-iron & non-reflective glass types available Numerous thicknesses, flat, 2D and 3D curves Combine with VisionInk (see page 19) Configured to meet IACS requirements Resistant Features & Benefits: “Bigfish” McMullen & Wing - Aquos Yachts “Delivering Bent & Specialist Glass with Excellence” 09