Giving Back Magazine January 2018 - Page 75

Andie Kidrick, Andy Torzon and Marcia Larson Did you know that alcohol consumed during pregnancy can cause permanent brain damage to a developing baby? Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) are often misidentified for other conditions that are more well-known and heard about such as ADHD. The brain damage caused by alcohol is 0% curable and 100% preventable and does more damage than cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Early identification and interventions are the best approach and are available here in our San Diego community. San Diego's children and families need your help. Please join us on the afternoon of Tuesday January 9, 2018 to find out how together our community will make a positive impact on the PREVENTABLE birth defect of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Spread the truth that there is NO KNOWN SAFE AMOUNT, TYPE, OR TIME TO DRINK ALCOHOL DURING PREGNANCY. For more information and details about the January 9 th Nine Months Matter Coalition meeting please contact Mary Reynolds at or (858)361-9726. Leandro, Tessa and Nicole Velazquez JANUARY 2018 | GBSAN.COM 75