Giving Back Magazine January 2018 - Page 67

25 CLASSIC th ANNUAL Brunch by the Bay Ellen Moxham and Fran Golden Join us in celebrating the SAN DIEGO CREW CLASSIC Sunday, March 25, 2018 Champions Pavilion ( Crown Point Shores Mission Bay ( San Diego ( 92109 Racing begins and tent opens at 7:30am Brunch service from 9:30am to 12:30pm Race viewing from 12:30pm to 3:00pm Regatta Attire Catered by Giuseppe Ciuffa Many Thanks to Our Sponsors Cheryl Mitchell and Angie Lasagna Brunch Committee CO-CHAIRS Kristan Hanson & Sus YHYYޘB’ӓԐT–HÒRTˆ˜[™H™]\‚’˜[›ˆ[[‚“X\H[[˜žB’™X\šY[™H˜XÛۂ•[˜H›[Y[™™[“ZXÚ[Hœ˜]›Â‘Z[Y[ˆœ™[›˜[‚’š[Ú[\[ۂ™]™\›Hœš]ØÚ™\‚“˜[˜ÚYHÙ[\ˆ[™”[XÚXHÚXØ[ø $ÐZZÙ[‚’Ø]ž[ˆØ^[™\‚”Ý\Ø[ˆ[œÛۂ“]\™[ˆ\™B“^ˆÚ[\”YÙÞH[˜\˜˜\˜Hܝ[]šYYB•\™\ØH[X™\’Ø]H؛“ܙ[˜H[۞›Û‚’\HØØ[›ۈ[ÛܙB‘[Z[™H]\œB“X\žH\œš[™B‘\š[ˆ™]\ܐ™]Ù^H›ÜÙB‘Ù\œžHÚY[\‚Ø\›Û[™HÛڍ ][›X[ܙ]ÈÛ\ÜÚXÈ™YØ]B”Ø]\™^KX\˜Ú  ˆÝ[™^KX\˜Ú B”˜XÙ\È ÎŒÌ[H8 $È B•XÚÙ]ț܈™YØ]H[™œ[˜Ú]˜Z[X›Hۛ[™H]Ü™]ÐÛ\ÜÚX˛ܙ›܈Ø[HٙšXÙH] ŒNKLŒKL Ì ”›ÞH[šËÛ\šXÙB”\šÚ[œÈ[™šXÚÚHYB’S•PT–H Œ NДÐS‹ÓÓH 