Giving Back Magazine January 2018 - Page 19

Born in San Diego and raised in Tijuana, Vivian majored in Psychology and minored in neuropsychology for infants. Moreno developed her passions from a young age as she noticed family and friends asking her for fashion advice. Not only does she share tips as a blogger, she also has one-on-one fashion coaching sessions with clients to help them achieve their best image. To do this, she leverages their unique personalities and the latest the fashion industry has to offer. Recently, she was given the opportunity to live in Barcelona, Spain for three months where she met and worked for an incredible and well-known image consultant from Spain, Piluka d HXY\^KYHو\\Z[ڙX[YBܙX][[\ZYۜ][][[H^][۝]YHو\]ܚ]H[˂]X[&\X[HY\[H[^\H^HH[\X\˜\H[Y]\HXܙ]^Z[[\H\Z[˜ۜ\[H]]K[]]Y[XZ[Z[[HܚBYH[[K^H] HZ\[[[]\\\™Z[H[[و]\[H[[[\YX[˂]X[[ܙ[&\ܞH\[\\]H[[\\[YH\YX][ۈ[\ܚ˂[[XH][ۂ[[XP؜[B[[XH][ۈ\[[\][ۘ[BXۚ^Y[\^Y\[HX[[X]]H۝X]܈܈][X“XY^[KH\[H[H[\Z[[ܘ[H[[X[ܛۘY˂܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ[ NJH M SPTH NДSH N