GirlSense and NonSense Nov. 2014 - Page 8

Dear Reader,

The season’s first snow fell, settling on highways and roadways. Winter is a season of caution with its weather warnings and blinking “travel with care” freeway signs. Check the doors and windows for drafts; seal them well. Stay inside to keep warm.

Reader, consider this your storm warning for the pages ahead. There are patches of ice, moments where you will slip and wonder about girls and truth, art and stories that seem inconceivable. If at fifteen pages in you are splayed across the ice and cannot seem to find your footing, remember that you are a mere spectator and experience a fraction of an artist’s whole winter. There is sun too, even on the coldest days.

The artists featured in this issue have things to say about this month’s theme, Metamophoses: Narratives of Change, and their words and art clarify and complicate this idea. From “Nobody’s” renaming to language translating, each piece experiences processes of stasis and evolution. Change is tension and this issue is fraught.

Reader, you can read this magazine and then shut your window, minimize your browser. Instead, I invite you to brave the storm. Venture outside, outside of yourself and fall, fall hard on these frozen pages, and be inspired by the courage of these young female artists who share their perspective with you. Soon you will gain traction and trek through the snow knowing more, more about girls and the world they live in.

With Love,

Pamela & Sarah