GirlSense and NonSense Nov. 2014 - Page 31

They didn’t tightly wrap around my thighs like the shorts other girls wore. I gave myself a smile, to keep me pumped up before I left to the swimming hole with all of my friends. This summer was going to be the best, just like all of the other ones because he was here to help. me through them. I was excited.

I sighed as I made my wooden chair rock back and forth. Every summer before and after that had definitely been just as wonderful. I enjoyed the silence of the nature, but the noise was something I would miss every now and then. But there was nothing more important to me than when my husband came home from the war. I smiled as he walked up the creaky old stairs of the porch. I stood up, to welcome him with a kiss. He stared into my eyes as I stared back into his. He had gorgeous blue eyes. He pulled me into a hug, and whispered, “I love you.” as the wind carried him away, again.