GirlSense and NonSense Nov. 2014 - Page 26

B lack pillars of smoke rose into the air as an ominous reminder of what we have achieved. The air was toxic to breath. It became a struggle to simply inflate one’s lungs. Each breath, each step, every waking moment was a struggle all because of our greed, our selfish human desire for more. War to conquer lands, senseless fighting around every corner, corrupt governments that quickly turned into ruthless dictatorships. We endlessly destroyed our world’s natural gifts for our own benefit. It seemed even Mother Nature succumbed to all the violence and hate, striking us down with her mighty power as if she

sought, even craved revenge.

Great cities all over the world were flattened by earthquakes and fighting, major water sources and oceans polluted by trash and the dead. Endless fires plagued our world as a symbol of our hate. Crops and cattle died one after another leaving the putrid smell of rotting flesh to linger in the atmosphere. One could no longer be exposed to the air for long periods of time without fear of illness. Everything fell apart so fast that no one saw what was really happening until it was too late, until everything we knew had changed. for the worse.