GirlSense and NonSense Nov. 2014 - Page 25

Falling deeper into the death we feel on the inside,

Walk down the forbidden path,

Its dark grip haunting you to stay,

With the depths of its image feeling like loss.

Go live in that pretty pink castle of yours.

Our life has changed,

Just as much as the world,

That we pretend to live in.

Changing with seconds,

At every moment.

When it comes to what is real,

And what is really there,

We deny it all.

Change is something,

That is meant to be.

Don’t wait for it,

To just happen.

Control it.

You make the changes,

You make the world.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only imagination.

Your imagination,

Might be the only thing you have.


Photo: Chloe Glass