GirlSense and NonSense Nov. 2014 - Page 22


Idaho Legislature

My mother always told me that my tongue would get me in trouble one day. For years I thought she was speaking of my french kissing awesomeness, but turns out, my cherry knotting was the least of her concerns. She told me to choose my battles wisely, always speak with conviction, AND ALWAYS stand up for what is right. So, Idaho legislature, with my mother’s blessing, this letter is for you. And I hope you wear it on your chest to show your constituents just how much you have let them down. Let them tally your mistakes, the egregious crimes you have made in the cloak of political servitude. Let them wander in the stank of the decisions you have made in pursuit of fattening your well greased cow hide wallet. (Much to that poor cow’s dismay).

Perhaps we should recap the circus of a session that revolved around your desperate pursuit for re-election. Go back to the time where you refused AGAIN to print a bill encouraging equal treatment of people whose only sin is loving another. I hate to break it to you Mr. Chairman but the noose of Jim Crow is hanging heavily on the LGBTQ community, and while you sit on your bigoted haunches people will continue to suffer. But never-mind equal rights.

Go back to the time where you were willing to pass a form of blatant discrimination in the guise of religious freedom, while your religious brothers and sisters stood in solidarity recognizing YOUR bill as a form of legislative hatred. Ignore constitutionality, ignore cautionary warnings of modern segregation- because you, my republican friend have a hateful agenda to tend to.