GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 97

Helena Mikulska, Polish, 27 Community Manager in Prague I f*ed up big time while living in Germany. I organised a birthday party in my tiny shoebox apartment which had taken me ages to find. To my surprise over 30 people came. We were more than loud. The next day I received a ‘friendly’ letter from my landlord giving me an ultimatum to move out by the end of the month or be kicked out! I also had my name ‘officially’ changed by the German government after the processing officer at the office where I registered my German residency heard me wrong – this may be the only bureaucratic mistake made in Germany history! Here in Prague, I try to integrate as much as possible – it’s my boyfriend’s hometown. My native language is Polish, his family speaks Czech so as they are both Slavic languages I try to speak Czech. I make mistakes constantly throughout the day. For example, I say, ‘something smells awesome’ and awesome for them has the opposite meaning, so I am saying it stinks. I’ve also told my mother in law with all sincerity that she looks pretty. But of course I was saying the exact opposite.