GirlGI | Girl Gone International Issue 8 - Page 93

Anika Schäfer, German, 30 Community Manager in Barcelona After moving to the UK, I visited London for a day. I had pre-booked train tickets and on my way back I was lucky because the previous train was still waiting on the platform. Very happy about the prospect of getting at home a bit earlier, I did it the ‘German way’ and just jumped on the waiting train. This turned out to be a huge error – you are not allowed to do this in the UK. You have to stick to your prebooked train. The conductor kicked me out at the next stop and I had to wait all alone at 10 pm at an abandoned train station. It was pitch-black, freezing cold and there was not even a place to sit down. Lesson Learned. Sara Butkovic, Canadian, 28 Community Manager in Düsseldorf In a lot of places in Spain you have to hang your clothes for drying on washing lines hanging outside the balcony in between 2 buildings. If something accidentally falls, you’ve either lost it forever or you can hope the neighbours living on the ground floor will bring it to you. The latter can make for some pretty embarrassing moments though when it’s underwear. I still turn red remembering the moment my 70-year old landlord knocked on the door with my panties in his outstretched hand with judgement written all over his face.